Pachecutec home & Daycare

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…a shanty town

     Pachacutec is a shanty town located on a sand desert on the northern cone of Lima. This home began 15 years ago as a day care center where we care for  children between the ages of 1 and 3 and is an inclusive model that allows children with disabilities to be a part of typical classes.  Soon after opening the daycare, a soup kitchen began to provide breakfast and lunch and/or dinner to 60 up to children and 30 elderly adults. Thankfully the government began a program to provide meals within schools and these people now have the food they need. In our children’s home, we receive up to 8 children as infants who can stay long term.

     Our desire is to offer them a long-lasting dwelling that makes them feel at home, but ultimately, these children’s future is decided by the authorities or their families.


Creating Dignified Work for Mothers and Fathers

     Two projects in Pachacutec create work for single mothers and fathers living in extreme poverty. Upon request, the women make handmade handicrafts from recycled paper capturing the beauty & creativity of Peruvian culture.

     We also run a small bakery where they produce fresh bread, pizzas, and panetones, a special Peruvian treat! A mini-market also serves as a coffee shop as well.  


Work Among Families

     We very quickly learned that we cannot effectively help the children if we do not address the systems of brokenness in their families.  Therefore, we invite the mothers to a special breakfast where they receive workshops with lawyers, doctors, psychologists and other professionals that they would not normally have access to.  At the same time, there is always a spiritual component because we believe that only Jesus can make lasting changes in their broken lives.

     Thanks to these women’s breakfasts, a Bible Study group was born for adults, teens, and children which has now become an independent and Peruvian lead church! This church is called Calvary Chapel Pachecutec and is using our facilities for services.