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A father of the fatherless, and a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling. Psalm 68,5

  • El Refugio is like a home and a family rather than a children's home.

  • There are 15 children between the ages 0-17

  • There are two houses on the property-living, one where the volunteers live and eat.

  • Household chores and responsibilities with the children are involved.

  • Volunteers usually receive 1-2 free days per week.

the work
  • Need to be flexible with schedules.

  • Have a willingness to serve and strong work ethic.

  • It is necessary to speak Spanish, German, French or English.

  • Come through Global Volunteer Services or Privately

  • There is a cost for living expenses. For more information contact GVS or you can email us on the Contact Page.

Getting here
  • You will work as a teacher for the a few of the children, using a homeschool program.

  • School goes from 8:15 am - 1 pm​.

  • From lunch until 3 pm is free time.

  • Afternoon activities are from 3 pm - 6 pm.

  • No classes on Wednesday

  • Saturday there is two hours of classes and 2 hours of painting with a separate teacher. 

  • This schedule can change from time to time.

school day

Over the past several years, we have welcomed volunteers from Europe and the USA to serve for several months. It is imperative that volunteers come for longer blocks of time if they wish to work directly with the children in the homes as the coming and going impacts the children deeply and we must guard their hearts.  However, we will always welcome short term work teams who come to serve in construction, maintenance, ministry with families, and training of staff. We are incredibly thankful for all help and know at the same time that the young people who have come have been transformed by their time here.

If you are interested, please write to the following email

Adventure Peru